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Above: Landscape, Georgia Noble. 2019.

Flirting with Summer 2019-20 Show


‘Lily’, Cheyenne Rose. 2019. Mixed media. 310 x 220mm.

“I’m so exasperated with this virulant f***ing virus. Nobody is gazing at me at the moment, which i do miss.” – Lily


29 November 2018 – 28 April 2019


5th March – 6th April

Using printmaking and photography, Bennenbroek’s work discusses the relationship between people and place, how we leave a mark on a place, and how a place leaves its mark on us through memory.


Having lost her mother, Bennenbroek’s work discusses ecology and its relation both physically and metaphorically to grief, trauma, and loss over a period of time. In Living Memory’ considers the connection of how landscapes develop into ruin is parallel to our own human frailty.



Cheyenne Rose is a painter and collage artist who often works by reconstructing images from magazines and the media. She is drawn to the process of placing multiple images together and tearing them apart. Each tear is seen as a new landscape, a new narrative, uncovering a new existence.

Influenced by the way physical images have been overshadowed within the digital age, Cheyenne’s work explores perceptions of the ideal from the influence of the internet and social media.

“Pheobe”, “Tabitha” and “Lily” are a series constructed through standardization within society shown through brands and advertising.These feminine ideals propose an outcome of mass-consumption, appearance and identity.