Fiona Johnstone

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Fiona Johnstone was born in Marton in 1959. She was raised in various other small towns and military camps in different parts of New Zealand, Singapore and Malaya (as it then was). Johnstone worked in theatre for some years – she was a founding member of a feminist theatre troupe in the late 70s – before becoming an assistant to the art dealer Ray Hughes in Sydney.  Returning to New Zealand in 2001, Johnstone graduated from NMIT with a Bachelor of Arts and Media in 2011. Often using the tradition of the still life as a starting point, she works in multi-disciplinary fields. Attracted to objects that are broken or ignored her desire is to stage a rigorous beauty from the discarded and the discounted. Common themes are vulnerability and engagement and questioning notions of femininity. Fiona Johnstone  is represented by the Antoinette Godkin Gallery in Auckland.