John Hurrell – Bio

John Hurrell  | Bio

John Hurrell is also an art writer for

Solo exhibitions

1979                              Christchurch, Brooke/Gifford Gallery

1981                              Christchurch, CSA Gallery

1983                              Christchurch, Brooke/Gifford Gallery

Christchurch, Robert McDougall Art Gallery, Diptych

1984                              Wellington, Louise Beale Gallery

1986                              Wellington, Louise Beale Gallery, Uber Den Horizont

Christchurch, James Paul Gallery (Colombo St.), Ferne Kusten

Christchurch, James Paul Gallery (Victoria St), Wild Visionary Indexical

1987                              Auckland , Artspace, Uber Den Horizont

1988                              Wellington, Louise Beale Gallery, A Cure for the Common Code

Auckland, Artspace, Dispersals

1989                              Dunedin Public Art Gallery, Four Portraits

1990                              Wellington, Louise Beale Gallery, Take Ten Moas

1991                             Christchurch, Robert McDougall Art Annex, A Good Noise

Hamilton, Centre Gallery of Contemporary Art, A Good Noise

1993                              Canberra, Photospace, Self Portraits

Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Structural Constellations

Christchurch, Jonathan Jensen Gallery, Structural Constellations

1994                              Jonathan Jensen Gallery, Old Lines/New Stock

1995                              Wellington, New Work Studio, Frisky Fields

1999                             New Plymouth, Lesley Kreisler Gallery, M’aplique

2004                             Christchurch, 64zero3, Particles in [Canterbury] Space

2008                             Auckland, City Art Rooms, curated by Young Sun Han and Kylie Sanderson, John Hurrell: Selected Works 1981- 2008

2010                              Auckland, City Art Rooms, John Hurrell: Expurgating Content in Favour of the Ludic

2012                             Snake Pit windows, High St, Auckland . Plasti-cuffs Liberation and Soapdish Exoneration


Selected group exhibitions

1978                              Christchurch, Christchurch Arts centre, Paintings/Sculpture  (with Bing Dawe, Dave Elliot and Peter Wolden).

1979                              Christchurch, Robert McDougall Art Gallery, New Canterbury Contemporaries.

Christchurch, Brooke/Gifford Gallery, Dice Scores as Content (with Paul Johns, curated by Billy Apple).

1980                              Christchurch, CSA Gallery, Package Deal.

Rotorua Art Gallery, Air New Zealand Art Award (Finalist)

Christchurch CSA, Bensen and Hedges Art Award (National Tour)

1983                              Auckland City Art Gallery, The Grid: Lattice and Network, (National Tour).

Hobart, Australia, ANZART in Hobart.

1984                              Dunedin, Art in Dunedin

1985                              Hamilton, Centre Gallery of Contemporary Art, Five Christchurch Artists

Christchurch, CSA Gallery, Big Paintings

Auckland City Art Gallery, Chance and Change

1986                              Nelson, Bishop Suter Art Gallery, The Word (National Tour)

1987                              Perth, Australia, ARX’ 87

Wellington, City Art Gallery, Drawing Analogies

1988                              Wellington, City Limits, Monsters from the Id

1989                              New Plymouth, Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, Putting the Land on the Map (National Tour)

Wellington, National Library, Art Too

Wellington, Shed 11, Nobodies.

1990                              Auckland City Art Gallery, Acquisitions Review 1988-90 Sydney, Australia, Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Temporal  Frames

Australian Touring Exhibition of New Zealand Works on Paper, Heart and Land

1991                              New Plymouth, Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, Signatures of Place

Sydney, Australia, Museum of Contemporary Art, Headlands

1992                              Christchurch, Robert McDougall Art Gallery, Prospect Canterbury 92

1994                              Christchurch, Jonathan Jensen Gallery, Lost Ground

Wellington, New Work Studio, Networks (with Peter Roche)

New Plymouth, Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, The Face

Wanganui, Sarjeant Gallery, Taking Stock of the Nineties

Wellington, Wellington City Gallery, Visa Gold Art Award

Christchurch, High Street Project, Prostrate Canterbury

Christchurch, McDougall Art Annex, Studio

Christchurch, CSA Gallery, Fax About Art

Auckland, Teststrip, Striptease

Christchurch, Jonathan Jensen Gallery, Cornucopia

1995                              Wellington, City Gallery, A Very Peculiar Practice

Christchurch, High Street Project, Advent

Christchurch, CSA Gallery, CSA Christmas Show

Wellington, New Work Studio, Born Under A Bad Sign

1996                              Wellington /Amsterdam  The World Over/Under Capricorn , commissioned website

Melbourne, Linden Gallery, Failure

2000                             Adam Art Gallery, Victoria University, Wellington   The Numbers Game: Creative connections between art and mathematics.

2006                             64zero3, Christchurch. Black, white and shades of grey.

July group show with Robin Neate, Simon Morris, Helen Calder, Julia Morison and Scott Flanagan

Wellington, Te Papa Tongarewa, Toi Te Papa

2007                             64zero3, Christchurch, Christmas group show.

2008                             City Art Rooms, Auckland, Unlimited

64zero3, Christchurch, 64

Auckland Art Gallery, In Shifting Light, curated by Ron Brownson

2009                             Christchurch Art Gallery, The Naked and the Nude, curated by Justin Paton

City Art Rooms, Black Candy

2010                             City Art Rooms, Summer Drunk Tank, Curated by Young Sun Han


Published Art Works

1986                              B/tween ‘A’ and ‘C’ Splash, April 4, 62-63

1886                              Driving on Two Wheels Down a One -Way Street, Antic  1:85

Untitled, Untold:4

1987                              Cover, Untold:7

1997                             Cover, A Brief Description of the Whole World: 7



Art Gallery of Western Australia

Auckland City Art Gallery

Chartwell Trust

Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Hocken Library

Fletcher Challenge

Te Papa Tongarewa

National Library


Robert McDougall Art Gallery

Rotorua Art Gallery.


 Queen Elizabeth II Arts Council Awards

1990 working grant for producing work in France

1994 major Fellowship Grant


 Creative New Zealand Grants

2007 $10,000 writers grant for a series of Auckland art reviews

2009 $70,000 grant for development of eyeCONTACT, writing and editorial work and commissioning of other writers

2010 $50,000 grant for development of EyeContact, writing and editorial work and commissioning of other writers


Artist residencies

1988 Dunedin, Otago Polytecnic/Dunedin Public Art Gallery

1993 Canberra, Canberra School of Art, Australian National University


International exhibitions 

1983  ANZART in Hobart

1989  ARX in  Perth, curated by Robert Leonard

1990 Temporal Frames, Ivan Daugherty Gallery, Sydney

1991, Headlands: Thinking Through New Zealand Art, MCA, Sydney

1996 The World Over; Under Capricorn, curated by Wystan Curnow

1996 Failure, Linden Gallery, Melbourne


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