Past exhibitions


Flirting With Summer


Trevor Newman: Burnt Offerings

Jessica Ritchie: Shimmer

John Hurrell: Zip Tied Under Drawers

Tallulah Nunez: Run, Don’t Walk

Esther Leigh: Weight

Starting Fresh


Summer Group Show

Diane Scott: Touching Light

Miranda Parkes: sunjunkie

Ian Peter Weston: Eschaton

Billy McQueen: Archive 01

In The Mix (group show)

Bill Riley: Turbulence


Skittish Summer Show (group show)

Luise Fong: Interplay

Matt Dowman: Camouflage

Esther Leigh and Britt Alpe

Shaping Up: curated by Stellar Kim

Ben Caldwell: What Is

Works from the Toxic Room

Glen Snow: Would Not Frame


Flirting with Light

Billy McQueen: Adveil

Ian Peter Weston: a confederacy of things (to paint on)

Tjalling de Vries: no guts no glory

Diane Scott: Split Shift

Drifting Cloudless

Miranda Parkes: Happy Camper

Fiona Johnstone, Esther Leigh & Katy Metcalf: A Myriad of Medium


On the Canvas & Beyond

John Hurrell: Tilted Logics

Bill Riley: Provenance

Luise Fong: Requiem

Diane Scott, Ian Peter Weston & Toby Raine: No Remedy, but More

Mixed show (July)

Nicola Holden: Render

Glen Snow: Fat Yellow

Matt Dowman: #turnup