Split Shift


“I see the work as both image and object and explore this through the non-hierarchical use of the elements that comprise painting, in particular elevating the aluminium from support to object. I’m interested in the perception and experience of space, and paradoxically in finding no boundaries within confined spaces, through the spatial qualities of composition, materiality and light. I seek to create a tension by pitting the forms within the work against each other to bring about an active contestation that folds the work back onto itself. The search for this instability, one that resists integration or a singular reading, becomes a vital part of the work. The aluminium material is hand sanded back to explore how the material’s plane can oscillate and simultaneously react to ambient light, architecture and the viewers reflection. Translucent pigments are used to see the absorption and reflection of light, and graphite for it’s reflective tonal spatial qualities. I seek to locate the work within the ‘now’ of experience and the ‘now’ of our time so that it functions atmospherically and counter historically; allowing a direct experience by the viewer.” – Diane Scott